Welcome to Hopyard Lane! 

I'm Clare, a studio based florist in Flitwick, Bedfordshire. I specialise in creating beautiful wedding and event flowers with a romantic, natural and garden-like style, focusing on British flowers and foliages.

The story began in a little village called Bathley in Nottinghamshire at Nana and Grandad's house. Nana Lizzie who was so green fingered was always found in the greenhouse or garden beavering away growing plants and flowers or taking cuttings. Growing up very closely to her, my love for nature and the outdoors was ingrained in me.

In the early days of my business, I did many a wedding from my Grandad's oversized garage which was transformed into a beautiful flower studio. It only seemed right that when I named my business I choose the lane on which my Nana lived and was very much a big part of my early years.

Since then, I have worked extensively in London for different florists and worked on weddings all over the country and Europe. After moving to Bedfordshire I discovered that I was surrounded by many beautiful, independent flower farms as well as some gorgeous wedding venues. My work has a strong focus on using British flowers and foliages, supporting local growers where possible.

Photo by Mark Osborn

Whatever your occasion, be it a wedding, funeral or a birthday bouquet, I will pay attention to the smallest detail and guide you to create something beautiful and unique to you.

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